What is LanternScape?

LanternScape is a service that allows a group of people to see the same mood lighting for a more immersive experience.

Using opensource technologies LanternScape allows your GM/DM to see a color/effect for an event or scene, that color/effect is then sent to an internet connected light the player have. Thus they all experience the same effect.

Whether the party if a in cosy tavern, futuristic city scape or pitched battle, LanternScape can help set the scene.

How did this come about?

During the lockdown in 2020 a group of friends and I started to play Dungeons and Dragons using a virtual table top. During one of sessions a member of the group mentioned they were setting the color on their lights and that got me thinking. Could I create a shared lighting system?

After a few experiments, some dead ends and quite a few failures, I came up with LanternScape. LanternScape wouldn't be possible without the firmware WLED created by AirCookie so I'm eternally grateful.